Daisy and Otto: Through the Ages

Hey! Otto, here. We weren't always like we are today. In fact, there are plenty of different versions of Daisy and Otto that didn't make it into the final book. As you know, this is what we look like today:

Daisy and Otto Children's Book Final

But we didn't always look so put together. In fact, we have been through quite a few different versions! This is the very first version of Daisy and Otto, which happens to be a flip book animation. This flip book was created in the middle of the night with a tiny sketchbook, a whole lot of determination, and about two pots of coffee:

How cool would it be if we had our own animated television show!? While we aren't quite there yet (Hopefully someday.), we do have another animated flip book, where Daisy and I go stargazing! I love going stargazing, and someday, I hope I can go to space and visit the stars. 

After our brief time in animation, we had our very first children's book draft made up! Look how goofy we look! It just goes to show you: we all have to start somewhere, and with hard work and dedication you'll always improve. 

Daisy and Otto Children's Book self published

Our author wasn't entirely happy with the illustrations, so she created another version of us, which you can see below. She used colored pencils and watercolor paints, but she still wasn't totally happy with it:

Daisy and Otto Kid's book

So, she tried again! Finally, we became the characters you can now see in our first Daisy and Otto book! Daisy and Otto is currently available through Amazon and CreateSpace.