Learning about the Octopus


Hey, guys! It's Otto, and today I want to teach you about the octopus. First off, let's start with their size. The smallest octopus around is smaller than an inch long, and the biggest - the Giant Pacific Octopus - can grow to about 16 feet long! They live all over the world, from the ocean's surface to its floor, and they like to feed on things like clams and crabs.

Octopuses have plenty of special abilities that make them like the superheroes of the sea. First off, their brains are quite large, making them highly intelligent. Also, if they're feeling scared, they can make a quick escape by squirting a dark, ink like liquid into the water as a distraction. Octopuses are also capable of changing color to blend in with their surroundings and avoid predators. There are even stories of octopuses regrowing their arms! Even with all of their incredible abilities, most octopuses still experience very short lifespans, living only a few years before mating once and dying. Luckily when they have babies, they have a lot of babies. We're talking hundreds of thousands of eggs being laid by just one octopus! That's a lot of eggs!!

Below is a free printable worksheet to test your knowledge of the Giant Pacific Octopus specifically. Just click the image and print it out. Remember to share it with us on social media @daisyandotto.