Why otters are totally awesome.

Hey, guys and gals! Otto the otter, here. I thought now would be a great time to share with you why I think sea otters are totally awesome, or should I say 'pawesome'? 

Otters love each other.

Love is a beautiful thing, and when it comes to loving friends and family, sea otters are the best! For one, they love hanging out in groups, sometimes numbering in the hundreds and even thousands! They form rafts  by holding hands with each other while they float around. 

Otters are pretty smart.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but otters are smart little creatures. We're resourceful too! We use tools to open our food. No, not scissors, but rocks! I sometimes carry my favorite rock around in my armpit, so it can be used as a toy or to open yummy clams and abalone.

Otters are very clean. 

And I mean very clean - as we should be! Our furs are very special. Because otters are the smallest marine mammal and lack a thick blubber layer (like what whales have), we rely heavily on our furs. We spend hours a day grooming our furs. 

We're just so darn cute!!

Okay. Now, I'm tooting that horn a little. Otters are just flat out cute with all that fluffy fur and those old man whiskers. Still not convinced? Just check out these pics: