The Ocean Species from Finding Nemo

We are the biggest fans of the Disney movie: Finding Nemo. That's no surprise! Finding Nemo shows multiple ocean ecosystems and animals. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! And who doesn't love a charming adventure story? Today, we'd like to share with you a little about our favorite Finding Nemo characters!

Daisy and Otto kids book - learning about the creatures from Finding Nemo

Marlin and Nemo (Clownfish)

There are over 30 species of clownfish! The orange and white fish featured in Finding Nemo is called a clown anemonefish and are usually around 3-4 inches long. Clownfish have a very special friendship with sea anemones. For other fish, anemones sting with their tentacles and then eat the fish, but clownfish are covered in a mucus layer which protects them from the anemone's stings. In exchange for the protection that the anemone provides, the clownfish protects it's home from parasites and intruders. Before moving into their new home, the clownfish performs a dance with the anemone.

Daisy and Otto children's book - learning about the creatures from Finding Nemo

Dory (Palette Surgeonfish)

Palette Surgeonfish love living in reefs, and they can grow to be up to 10 inches long. A Daisy and Otto book is 8.5 inches long, so Dory could have been even bigger than that! They are a fairly uncommon fish, and they are often found in areas around the Great Barrier Reef, Japan, and Samoa. They have venomous spines, which could cause puncture wounds and even infections. Also, if you were to take Dory to a restaurant, she would order zooplankton or benthic algae, because those are a palette surgeonfish's favorite foods.

Daisy and Otto Story book - learning about the creatures from Finding Nemo

Gill (Moorish Idol)

Moorish idols resemble an underwater butterfly with the way their dorsal fins are so long and fragile looking. Their loveliness makes them desirable for saltwater fish tanks, like in the movie, but moorish idols are very difficult to keep healthy in captivity. They like to live in all kinds of places - Hawaii, Polynesia, East Africa, and more - but not in fishtanks.

Daisy and Otto ocean book for kids - learning about the creatures from Finding Nemo

Bruce (Great White Shark)

If you read our post "Reasons Why Sharks are Our Friends" then you know how much we love sharks around here, and we especially love great white sharks. Great white sharks, like Bruce, usually grow up to around 15 feet long, but some have been recorded at 20 feet long. They also can have up to 300 serrated (like a steak knife) teeth in their smile. Don't let that scare you. Great whites would much rather eat a fat seal than a human any day, and while they are responsible for one-third to one-half of shark attacks yearly, they usually only attack out of curiosity. They like to test things they are curious about with their mouth - similar to a human baby! Learn more about sharks by clicking here.