Why You Should Care About Saving the Ocean

Hiya! I'm Daisy the sea urchin, from Daisy and Otto. A lot of people don't live next to the ocean, and some don't like the ocean - usually because of sharks or dangerous currents. (Psst. Don't forget to read our blog post about Why Sharks are our Friends.) These people often ask: why should I care about saving the ocean? Here's why:

Daisy and Otto - Why should I care about saving the ocean for kids

The ocean feeds a lot of people.

There are billions of people on the planet, and fish from the ocean can provide a lot of healthy, high protein meals! You might only eat fish every once in a while, but some people rely on fish as their main food source. Without healthy oceans, these people could starve. You can learn more about the ocean as a source of food by visiting Oceana - an organization that works to save the world's oceans.

Daisy and Otto explaining ocean conservation importance to kids

The ocean provides people with the air they breathe.

Plants on land produce oxygen for humans and animals to breathe, and the plants in the ocean do exactly the same thing - tiny plants that is! Plankton (tiny plants that whales  often feed on) provide more than half of the Earth's breathable oxygen. Without healthy oceans, people wouldn't be able to breathe! 

Daisy and Otto ocean conservation reasons for kids

The ocean gives people medicine.

Did you know that coral reefs provide humans with a variety of medicines? So do horseshoe crabs! Crabs and coral both need a very healthy ocean to continue making the important medicines that people need. 

Daisy and Otto reasons to save the ocean for kids

Plastic is a serious problem for more than the ocean.

We recently posted an entire blog post about plastic and how it hurts the ocean. Plastic is very dangerous for the ocean and the creatures that live within it, but we aren't the only ones affected by it. It also hurts other ecosystems and animals - even humans! Plastics and other kinds of trash dirty up parking lots and empty fields, making the city or town gross (and possibly even dangerous). You may or may not have seen this where you live too, but for us ocean creatures, the effects of plastic are much worse.

You don't have to live in the ocean to keep it protected. You don't have to even like the ocean. The facts are: 

1) The ocean gives humans food to eat. 
2) The ocean gives everyone air to breathe.
3) The ocean gives humans medicine. 
4) The things that hurt the ocean, could also be hurting other ecosystems - including your own! 

And these are just a few of the reasons we need to save our world's oceans!