Build your own ocean.

Hey, everybody! It’s Otto, here. Sometimes when Daisy and I go on our travels, we start to really miss our ocean home. If you haven’t been keeping up with our travels, you can always follow us on Instagram to stay updated on all things Daisy and Otto. 

Being far away from home sometimes makes us a little sad, which is why we created our own little mini ocean to remind us of home, and you can too!

Once you've completed your own mini ocean, feel free to share it with us on social media @daisyandotto. We would love to see them!


Daisy and Otto - Children's Book - Build your own ocean IMG_3616.JPG

Here’s what you’ll need:
A glass or plastic container - We used an old pickle jar and painted the lid white.

Water - We added a TINY bit of blue food coloring, but this is of course optional.
Sand - We bought some aquarium rocks from the dollar store, but you might be able to get sand from your own backyard!
Decorations - You can use rocks from your backyard. We used seashells! If you don’t have seashells from a recent beach trip, they sell them at most craft stores.
Seaweed” - We used an aquarium plant that we bought at the dollar store. We did have to cut the tops off because it was too tall for our jar. You can also use plastic bags painted green as a DIY seaweed. (Please don’t use plastic bags in a real aquarium with real fish.)
Sea animals - We bought a tube of sea animals from a craft store, but you can sometimes find them at the dollar store as well.

Some of these things are optional, of course. Feel free to get creative with what you include in your mini ocean!

Daisy and Otto - Children's Book - Build your own ocean IMG_3553.JPG

How to put it together:
Start by gluing one end of the seaweed to the bottom of the jar. Once dry, add sand to the bottom of your ocean. We then added some water, until the jar was about half filled. That’s when we placed our seashells and our sea animal before adding water the rest of the way, until the jar was full. Be careful when you are pouring your water. If it isn’t done gently, it can disturb the sand and shells. This is when we added our food coloring and gave the water a gentle swirl.

Now, you have your very own mini ocean! Ours is usually placed in a window sill like in the pictures below. Did you notice the octopus we used looks a lot like Frederick?