Daisy and Otto

Teaching materials

We created this page so there could be one place to find all of our free, printable materials. We have coloring book pages, research sheets, fill in the blank pages, and even puzzles! You are free to print as many as you like and share them with your friends. All that we ask is that you share the fun with us on social media by tagging @daisyandotto!


Daisy and Otto Coloring Pages 

More Daisy and Otto Coloring Pages

Ocean Animal Coloring Pages


Draw Your Own Shark

Build Your Own Ocean


Daisy and Otto Bingo

Daisy and Otto Puzzles 

Daisy and Otto Fill in the Blanks

Ocean Fill in the Blanks


Learning About Otters

Learning About Sea Urchins

Learning About Whales

Learning About Sharks

Learning About the Octopus

Learning About Green Sea Turtles